About us

Our mission is to enable the green revolution on water. The company was founded on the principle that simple innovative solutions can dramatically bring down energy consumption, which is the first step to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy. We also want to demonstrate to the world that sustainable solutions can be better, quicker, safer and higher comfort.

Company History

SES-X core technology is based on an earlier R&D company called Effect Ship International (ESI), which was acquired by an external existing shareholder in late 2019. Technology is a result of 15+ years of research and ~$20M funding. Concept is verified with two full-scale pilot vessels. With a new name, capital and new rockstar-team, the unique technology will now be commercialized in to the markets.



SES-X is building a Rockstar team, to commercialize and further improve the technology. We are growing and will need further exceptional talent. We are based in Oslo, Norway. Please reach out if you are interested to hear more about us and our plans.

Company information

SES-X Marine Technologies AS is based in Oslo, Norway. Office at Grundingen 2, Aker Brygge, 0250 Oslo. Org number: 984262612. For general inquiries: mail@sesxmarinetechnologies.com