Application areas

The SES-X platform can be designed with different topsides depending on the intended area of use. We have readily made concepts for leisure boats, water taxis, work boats and ferries. We have produced two full scale boats with the SES-X hull technology, a passenger ferry and a workboat.


Small to medium sized boats

The SES-X technology can be applied to leisure boats, water taxis and work boats. Our systems integrate well with different sizes and uses. Contact us for more specifics according to your needs.


Water taxi

Work boat

SES-X workboat built at Tuco Marine
with carbon fibre sandwich

Fast ferries

Energy efficient electric ferries designed for high speed and best-in-class range. The SES-X hull is suitable for inland ferries and coastal ferries which range from 20 to 30 meters.


SES-X hull for a coastal ferry is optimized for higher seas and longer range. The air cushion serves as an air dampener and works to increase comfort in rougher seas.


SES-X hull is suitable for an inland water metro for serving as a bus or metro in urban areas. This model would feature minimal wakes, high speed, low depth in water and superfast charging capabilities.

Concepts for ferries

20 m

Coastal ferry

24 m

Coastal ferry

20 m

Inland ferry

24 m

Inland ferry

SES-X electric passenger ferry “BB Green”
built in carbon fiber sandwich

Advantages of SES-X vessels


All vessels are designed 100% electric. The SES-X hull architecture has a large technical lower deck for batteries without compromising main deck space.


A major challenge for electric boats has been to achieve sufficient range. SES-X technology is a key enabler to achieve long range while maintaining high speed.


Wake wash from vessels may cause problems in urban areas. A key feature of our technology is low wave production, making the vessels perfect for urban routes.

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