Energy efficient electric fast ferries, for higher speeds and best-in-class range. The passengers comfort is ensured through the vessels excellent seakeeping abilities. Vessels from 20 to 40 meters.


Sustainability requires different thinking

SES-X passenger fast ferries can be delivered fully electric or with conventional propulsion systems. Some of the advantages are:


Zero emissions does not need to mean slow 10 knots, with SES-X low resistance hull technology you can throttle up to 30-40 knots without loosing significant range or increasing wakes.


Wake wash from vessels may cause problems in urban areas – a key feature of the SES-X solution is reduced wakes. Perfect for green city routes.


The air cushion acting as an air damper on water – increasing comfort for passengers

Passenger ferry


SES-X PAX offshore version is optimized for higher seas and longer range. The air cushion serves as an air dampener and work to increase comfort on rougher seas. Can be delivered fully electric or with conventional fuel.


SES-X PAX inland version for serving as a bus or metro in urban areas. The model features minimal wakes, high speed, low depth in water and superfast charging capabilities. This enables the use of existing waterways for a cost-efficient and quick way to introduce green transportational systems. Can be delivered fully electric or with conventional fuel.

SES-X electric passenger vessel “BB Green”
built in carbon fiber sandwich

Offshore Ferry and Water Metro

Available passenger models

Available sizes
20 m Up to 70 Passengers
24 m 147 Passengers
30 m 180 Passengers
35 m 270 Passengers

Available propulsion systems

Electric, diesel, hydrogen or hybrid
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I'm interested in this boat